Because everyone's circumstances are unique I would be happy to create a package tailored to your special requirements. If you don't see something that quite fits your needs or budget don't hesitate to call or email me and we'll see what we can put together that will work for everyone.


This package is an excellent choice if you are on a more restricted budget but want all the core services for a beautiful, personalized wedding. It includes the initial call, the long Brainstorming Session, the back-and-forth emails and any phone calls along the way. It includes a walk-through on the day of the ceremony one hour before the scheduled service - which is useful for musicians, photographers, relatives and the wedding party - so everything is in short-term memory! It covers the officiating of the ceremony and the paperwork afterwards.

$500 plus travel - Depending upon my schedule I may be available for a formal rehearsal for an additional fee. 


This package includes a formal rehearsal in addition to the initial 30-minute introductory session, the long brainstorming session, the ceremony creation, all communications leading up to the ceremony, preparing and sharing the ceremony script with the other wedding vendors that you specify (usually the wedding planner, the musicians of DJ, and sometimes the photographer), officiating the ceremony, and doing the paperwork afterwards. 

$700 plus travel


This package offers you everything you might need or want to be completely supported in your journey towards your wedding. It includes the initial call, the long Brainstorming Session and all the back-and-forth emails or calls as we shape the ceremony script, and a final meeting in the weeks just prior to the wedding.  It includes pre-marital counseling - either using the Prepare-Enrich format, or the soul-based counseling I offer. It includes a formal rehearsal and full collaboration with your other wedding professionals. Of course, it includes my officiating the ceremony and doing the paperwork afterwards. If you'd like me to offer a blessing or grace at the rehearsal dinner or the reception, I'm happy to do so.

$900 plus travel (and accommodations if/when required)


This offer is exclusively for couples who want a quiet, private ceremony without the fuss. Sometimes it is just the two of you, sometimes there are a few family members or close friends to serve as witnesses. I give the same care to the creation of the elopement ceremony as I do for any other wedding, so the package includes our Brainstorming Session, but it is done by phone. No formal rehearsal is necessary; I arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time to have a final chat before officiating the ceremony. 

$250-350 plus travel, depending on time and location.


I have been working with a counseling system called Prepare/Enrich for over fifteen years now which is beautiful in its simplicity and directness. It was designed by leading psychologists and pastoral counselors to address the most critical areas of relationship stress that couples face, especially in their first five married years. By answering a series of questions, the program is able to analyze your responses to determine things like your assumptions about intimacy and autonomy, expectations about handling money and children, communication-style, trust levels, dominance and submission, feelings about in-laws, importance of friends and family, etc. It even has a sophisticated radar for detecting overly idealized notions of romance, i.e. “love is all you need.”

The structure of this counseling is also straightforward and simple: you schedule a 2-hour meeting with me. The week prior to our meeting I register you both to take the online Prepare/Enrich questionnaire. The results are sent to me so I can spend time reviewing the areas that are most likely to yield positive outcomes in our session. During our meeting I share the results with you and guide you through various exercises to help deepen your awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of your current patterns of behavior. If they are further areas that you might work on, I share my insights with you and you can determine if and when you want to pursue more counseling.

Every couple I’ve worked with has reported at least one significant new insight that came from the first two hours of counseling!

The cost is $200 for two hours of counseling ( couple pays a small fee for the online questionnaire.) For couples selecting the Gold Package for their wedding, this 2-hour counseling session is free.


If you are seeking counseling as an individual, I offer spiritual guidance that may be helpful in any number of situations. Whether it has to do with concerns about the upcoming wedding, relationships with the new in-laws or step-children, a change of career or location, illness  - your own or a loved one's, - moral quandaries that seem too tangled to solve on your own, or a spiritual crisis about loss of faith or the need to seek deeper answers, having someone to companion you through the rough patches of life can be a source of great comfort.


 I have earned three graduate degrees in religion and ministry, each of which has had units related to pastoral counseling. I worked at several area churches where I created programs in spiritual development for adults and children and offered counseling as part of my interaction with members of the congregation. I continued my ministry working two full years as a chaplain at a residential treatment center for women in addiction recovery at Timberline Knolls. In 1999 I co-founded an ecumenical urban-based ministry and led a pilgrimage to India where I met the Dalai Lama. In 2002 I trained as a facilitator in the Prepare/Enrich program for couples counseling and have remained in active practice with that program since then. In 2004 I received certification as a divorce mediator and have worked with dozens of couples to find a more peaceable and loving way to part. I have been a member of Spiritual Directors International for over 12 years and regularly participate in professional development as a counselor and mediator. 


Sometimes I am contacted by a couple who already have a relative or family friend who can officiate their wedding, but they want some professional guidance on creating a ceremony that will be meaningful as well as dramatically sound. My background and experience make me an excellent collaborator on creating your ceremony script.

We can work by Skype, phone and email, or share documents via Dropbox or Google Docs to construct a beautiful ceremony that you can then print and use with your own officiant as you like.

Plan on having at least a few weeks to work with me on this project so that we can really do our research and creative brainstorming and come up with exactly the right words and images to grace your ceremony. If for any reason you end up needing me to officiate, the fee will be counted toward my ministerial role.



If you are interested in booking me to be your wedding minister, please contact me so we can set up a time to talk by phone and get any other questions answered. If you feel confident after that call, I will email you a contract and send an invoice for half of the total fee as a deposit to hold the date and confirm my services. You may pay by check or credit card (via PayPal) or through Chase Bank QuickPay.

Once I have the signed contract and deposit I send you several documents in preparation for our Brainstorming Session. These include:

The Elements of a Ceremony - a description of the function of each section of a traditional wedding; what its place is in the dramatic unfolding of a marriage ritual. Then it asks guiding questions about the inclusion of that element in your own ceremony, to get the wheels turning in your own imagination.

Explanation of the Centering Metaphor - a longer description of how I discovered the "language of love" among my wedding couples and how I use it to help shape a coherent ceremony.

The Relationship Questionnaire - 12 questions to get you thinking about your relationship and how you will be reflecting your love - as well as your beliefs and goals - in the ceremony itself.

Thank you for your interest! I look forward to hearing from you

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