Rev. Rebecca Armstrong

Why do Weddings Matter? Rev. Rebecca talks about the deep purpose of the ritual of the wedding ceremony.


Getting married with Nature as your “cathedral” can be the most satisfying and beautiful choice for your wedding location. Having your celebration away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city expands the mood of romance and slows the sense of time so that everyone – including you – can really enjoy and remember the event.

As a wedding minister, I have created and officiated many weddings that use Nature and the outdoors as their setting. We are blessed with Lake Michigan where beach weddings are a beautiful backdrop on both side of the shore. Chicago boasts its great park system, botanical gardens and museums; the states of Illinois, Indiana and Michigan have public parks, dunes, nature centers and waterways; and, of course, there are private parks and conservatories that make for wonderful wedding venues. From the beautiful dunes, to lakeside resorts, to elegant golf courses, to the stunning vineyards of Harbor Country - and I can assure you that a wedding in Nature is a memorable experience for your special day!


Talk to me about your vision for your wedding and let me help you create a ceremony that will be talked about for years. More importantly, let’s make a ceremony that will be a source of renewal and inspiration for you during all the years of your marriage. Call now and set up a time for a free, informal chat. I look forward to being of service to you and the Love of Your Life! ~ Rev. Rebecca Armstrong, D.Min

 Photo courtesy of Hilda Burke at AngelEyes Photography.

Photo courtesy of Hilda Burke at AngelEyes Photography.